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Information about the Sedex web-based system for sharing information on suppliers' working conditions

IEH - Ethical Trading Inititive† Norway is collaborating with SEDEX, and can offer a deal for our members taht want to use Sedex.

Sedex is a membership organisation that was established in 2002 and has its head office in the UK. A variety of actors are Sedex members, but the majority of members are purchaser companies in developed countries (for example, major consumer brand retailers and grocery retailers) and producers in developing countries and emerging economies.

Sedex offers a web-based system for the storage and sharing of information about working conditions, corruption and environmental issues in the supply chain. The aim is to save both the producer and the purchaser resources that would otherwise be used on obtaining information about these matters. The Sedex system has a risk assessment tool//module** that companies can use.

It is the suppliers themselves who give their customers exclusive access to information about working conditions, corruption and environmental issues in their operations. This information is made available in the form of self-assessment data , reports from surveys, corrective action plans and descriptions of improvement measures that have been implemented. It is up to the suppliers and other members of Sedex to update the data provided in their Sedex Account. Purchaser members cannot see each otherís supply chains.

Sedex finances its activities through membership fees. It has around 400 members (as of January 2011), and the Sedex system contains data from around 21†500 producers in 160 countries. A group of UK retailers, mainly from the grocery sector, has been instrumental in developing Sedex.

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