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Self-assessment questionaires for suppliers and agents/importers

Here you can download self-assessment questionaires for suppliers and agents/importers. The self.assessment questionaires are available in several languages for ETI-Norway's members. 

You could use a self-assessment questionaire to get an overview of the working and environmental conditions in your supply chain. The questionaire for agents and importers gives an overview over how they follow up on working conditions in their own supply chains. Self-assessment questionaires are available for members of IEH.

Self-assessment for agents/importers (Supply Chain Management Profile) is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian and Portuguese. Self-assessment for producers (Production Facility Profile) is availble English, Chinese, Hindi, Bangla,  Turkish and Portuguese.

A template for a cover letter is also available for IEHs members, in English and Norwegian. The cover letter should include purpose and expectations.

Tools for risk assessment

The Risk Assessment and Identification Database (RAID) generates risk profiles based on the information provided in self-assessment questionnaires. RAID is a very useful tool when setting priorities with regard to the producers or agents/importers that you intend to follow up. Members who want to use the tool are given the computer program after participating in a free course for users.

Sedex is another tool for assessing risk. Sedex offers a web-based system for the storage and sharing of information about working conditions, corruption and environmental issues in the supply chain.

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